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terms & conditions

General terms and conditions for using the protected area of the Wipf AG website

The Wipf AG website consists of a public area and a protected area. The public area is accessible to all Internet users. The protected area is intended exclusively for customers/suppliers/partners of Wipf AG and contained confidential information. The protected area of the www.wipf.ch website can be accessed only with a password. For security reasons and to safeguard the protected area of the website, passwords must be personally requested only by customers/suppliers/partners of Wipf AG

The following conditions apply to persons who request a password:

  • The extranet user shall implement measures to prevent the fraudulent use of the password.
  • The extranet user agrees to disclose the password only to authorized Internet users within his company.
  • If authorized Internet users leave the company, the password manager of the company must apply for a new password: it shall be treated confidentially and must not be disclosed or otherwise made available to third parties.
  • The extranet user may be held liable for the fraudulent use of the password or of the protected information.

Volketswil, March 2016 Wipf AG